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Action is Character

Action is character. – F. Scott Fitzgerald In other words, it’s what you do, not what you say, that matters. It’s the actions you take that others pay attention to, not your words.


Why is your Twitter bio so important?

 Why do we use Twitter? To stay connected to the pulse of our communities, topics of interest, the latest news and events and also to share what we have to say. How do people know […]


How do people see your brand?

  Why should you spend the time to research and design your personal brand? Building a highly recognizable personal brand is sure to open up many personal and professional opportunities. Creating a strategic vision for your future […]


How to dominate your social media

With increasing numbers of people researching companies, products, services and other people online, (and essentially starting the sales funnel journey), you must be active on social media and be known in your space. Otherwise, you […]

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How many times are social networks open daily?

Your audience is begging for your content, are you giving it to them?   How much time does your potential customer spend interacting with social networks? Daily! And multiple times daily. How can you bite off a piece […]

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Strategic Daydreaming

Making the time to sit and think is something we often overlook, but is highly valuable in order to recharge, refresh, re-strategise and re target. Its time for some Strategic Daydreaming. Being inundated with daily […]