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Learning is what you do for yourself

With an abundance of artists, designers and business builders I respect and love to watch create, I was shocked to see them offer up an extremely cheap invitation into their creative minds.

A few months ago I started investigating Skillshare a lot more frequently. Being heavily involved in the technology scene, I had read about the website and often dove in to discover what they had to offer. Nothing stood out. That was until some great minds I admire began to use it as a platform to share their skills and expertise. From Joshua Davis, Jeff Staple, Marc Eckō, Jon Contino, Gary Vaynerchuk and David Carson, these gentlemen are offering a glimpse into their highly creative minds for a price that is, what I think, virtually unheard of and well worth every cent. We’re talking $10 1 on 1 video sessions.

I would highly recommend visiting Skillshare to see what types of video training they have to offer you. If you decide to take a course, use my Skillshare link and get $10 to start learning today.

Some fun tweets from the last week of August

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